Hello world!


I am a retired educator with BS in Elementary Education with majors in History and English, an MS in Secondary Education with majors in Mathematics and Science, and Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science. Not surprisingly, in every job I had in my professional life from teaching in the public schools to teaching in Public and Private Colleges involved writing in various areas of the curriculum so that even though I gravitated to science and mathematics, it was my early work as an English major that was the link into other work as a professional. My early work in Elementary Education really amounted to a liberal arts education. When I was in graduate school, one of my graduate associates was worried because she had to write a thesis. She had never written anything but a lab report, another graduate student had never taken a humanities course, so that they were amazed that I had taken six months to write a very detailed sixty page paper on physics topic. As an undergraduate, I took English Composition for an entire year and even took Advanced English Composition, much to the horror of my classmates. The history professor from whom I took most of my history classes, always assigned a term paper for each of his classes plus a book review. He was an absolute fanatic on spelling and complete sentences. One student knocked on his door and asked why he did not receive has term paper back and was told it was not worth reading because he had found ten spelling errors on the first page so he threw it in the waste basket.

My time since retiring has been filled with things I never had time to do as a full time employee. My wife and I spent several years traveling in a motor home and remodeling houses(my father was a contractor, and in spite of my apparent disinterest, I learned a lot from him without knowing it).