Myths and Green Technology

The information given out by various companies regarding their efforts to fund green innovations to improve the fuel efficiency of present and future automobiles, trucks, tractors, and other farm implements are both short sighted and often intentionally misleading. For example, the promise of electric vehicles which would be powered by the electrical grid does little to reduce overall pollution if it means that the source of the fuel to produce the electricity are coal fired plants or nuclear plants. Even the promise of clean, coal fired technology does not remove the pollution caused by the mining of coal. Likewise, the promise of hybrid cars which use both a gasoline and an electric motor are not cost effective at the present time. The State of South Carolina, along with funds provided by the EPA recently retrofitted a Chevrolet Pickup to run exclusively on hydrogen. One of the companies participating in this project was Ecotality which is currently using Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) technology for hydrogen on demand to run a demonstration bus, but this technology was not used on the pickup. Instead, the project used hydrogen cylinders which were placed in the pickup bed, which basically made the bed unusable for ordinary cargo. Also participating in this project was a company that makes flywheels of carbon fibers which can turn up to 90,000 rpm, but again this technology was not incorporated in the pickup. In 1972 Scientific American reported that with a flywheel engine, made of fibers, which would operate in an evacuated chamber, it would be possible to charge up the flywheel, drive to the airport, park it for three weeks and still have enough energy to drive home. These engines would be charged at night on the electrical grid. The whole focus of the current hydrogen technology is to develop a hydrogen infrastructure whereby one could fill up at a hydrogen service station. The problem with such a scenario is that it ignores the fact that our present gasoline and diesel engines already run on hydrogen since gasoline is at least half hydrogen. Also, there are estimates that the percentage of one gallon of gasoline used by a car is only 20%. This means that the other 80% of a gallon of gasoline is wasted. The problem according to one source, is that the fuel sensors set at the factory by the new car manufacturers are intentionally not meant to provide the best mileage. If a sensor is changed with an aftermarket or alternate sensor, the mechanic can be fined as much as $250,000. The purpose of this law is obvious, do not try to increase fuel performance by altering the fuel sensor.

For those who want to change this policy, there are several things you can do to change the policies of the EPA:

1. Write or call your Senator or Representative
2. Write or call the EPA
3. Write or call the Bush Administration
4. Write or call the Governor of your state
5. Write or call your State Senators and State Representatives

Remember, the ordinary gasoline powered automobile runs on hydrogen, because gasoline is mostly hydrogen. So to create a hybrid car we only have to add a hydrogen generator to break down water into its component parts, two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. This process is accomplished attaching a hydrogen generator to the battery and generator and feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the carberator or fuel injection system. The addition of these kits have two effects, an increase in fuel economy and a decrease in pollution. Additional hydrogen injected along with the existing gasoline increases the amount of hydrogen available to the engine, it helps the combined fuel to burn more efficiently, it cleans the engine of carbon deposits, and the emission is mostly water. It is necessary to add an after-market fuel sensor, which is usually included in the kits available on the market, and since it is an after market sensor it is legal. The cost of Hydrogen kits can run as much as about $1200 or less depending upon the size of the engine and whether it is gasoline or diesel . There are also instructions for building your own kits if you are mechanically inclined.
There are many websites advertising hydrogen generator kits so all you have to do is look up information on Brown’s Gas which is HHO. You can also learn about the History of Brown’s Gas at
It is important that our politicians at all levels are informed about the alternatives to oil, nuclear energy, coal, and other polluting forms of energy. Most politicians have very little scientific or technical knowledge so they are easy prey for lobbyists, particularly those with large sums of money who represent large corporations who do not want any significant changes. For example, hydrogen on demand does not require a significant change in the infrastructure. It requires water, electrical energy, and a catalyst such as sodium hydroxide(NaOH). It can be installed on any internal combustion engine, both gasoline and diesel, and with the installation of an after market fuel sensor, it can be tweaked to provide optimum fuel consumption. The best mileage is achieved with these devices at normal freeway speeds over long distances. As with any stop and go traffic, the mileage achieved is less than you will get on the open freeway.


  1. We have had an abundant supply of oil, gasoline, and natural gas at a relatively low cost, but the resources are finite. Also, our Congress is fueled by money from lobbies from the oil companies so that a vote can be easily purchased. Some of the most negative members of Congress are the ones who receive the most money. Senator Max Baukus, Chairman of the committee to bring out a Health Care Bill, reportedly got $3,000,000.00 to make certain there was no provision for a Public Option. He had to relent under pressure because of the negative publicity. Senator Mitch McConnel is another example of a person who will sell his soul for money from lobbyists.

  2. Most of the politicians are attorneys and generally believe anything a lobbyist tells them. It is amazing that we do not have a cabinet for science and technology which the President and the Congress could use to advise them. If you think about it, the training of a attorney is based upon learning precedent, i.e., learning how previous courts and judges have ruled concerning case law. Science and technology is basically concerned with discovering and applying new phenomena and techniques. Law is a backward looking profession, while science and technology are forward looking.

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  4. Thanks for publishing about this. There’s a mass of important tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs somewhat current, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a solid job with this one. How do you do it?

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    Walter Bell

  6. We do not have a Science and Technology, Cabinet Level Organization which has direct access to the President of the United States. I find this appalling because most of the people in Congress do not have much of clue about anything having to do with Science and Technology because they were trained as Lawyers, which is a backward looking profession dependent upon precedents and laws passed years ago. An example is the constant argument that the constitution needs to stay unchanged forever. Science and Technology is always changing, but without a direct advocate in Congress and in the Executive Branch of government, there is no one to tell the politicians that closing our factories and outsourcing our jobs overseas which allows foreign governments direct access to our latest technology and scientific advancement, which we have paid for is prescription for disaster. Our companies who outsource are given tax incentives to relocate overseas and take our jobs with them.

    Walter Bell

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