Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Physical Fitness

Ray Burton won a fitness award for the recruit in the Canadian Military as the person who was the most fit coming into the military and upon completion of his basic training. He so impressed the military that he was asked to share his fitness secrets. His methods were incorporated into the Canadian military fitness manual. After his tour of duty was completed, he became well known for his training methods as a civilian. Any person of any age, barring extreme physical limitations can improve their level of fitness. At the young age of 77, I still work out in order to keep my body in good physical condition. The only change is level and frequency of the exercise. As an elder citizen, called “Old Growth” by a grand daughter, I have to space out my exercise to aerobic training every other day and strength training on opposite days. I can no longer achieve the level of fitness that I reached prior to my basic training in the US Army. I had spent three months digging post holes for a telephone line using a sixteen pound bar and a long spoon to lift out the rock and dirt. This was done at about 4500 feet in very hot temperatures for about seven hours a day. Like Ray Burton, I did better on the Physical Training Tests at the start of Basic Training then at the end. Unlike Ray, I did not continue to learn about the best physical training methods and to incorporate them into a program of physical fitness. The reason Ray has been so successful as a physical trainer is that he has made it a life long passion to help others to become fit and stay fit. If you want to become physically fit and lose weight I would advise you to
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