The Senate Needs to Send a Strong Message to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

I do not know what the Senate rules are for censoring one of its own Senators, but something needs to be done when Senator Mitch McConnell apparently intends to spend the next two years making certain that President Barack Obama does not get elected for another four year term. If that is all he intends to do then he should resign from the Senate and form his own party and raise money to defeat the President if he decides to run again. Even though I am from the State of Oregon, when a Politician such as McConnell is dedicated to getting rid of the health care bill passed by the last congress because he can no longer receive money from the Health Care Industry, particularly if we should turn the health care bill into a Public Option, he should be publically censored by the Senate. I am outraged that McConnell, according to one source leads the way in receiving money from the Health Care Industry. If he is so opposed to the changes in the Health Care Industry, why doesn’t he give up his health care benefits as a Senator and buy his own health care plan on the open market as he is advocating for every ordinary citizen. Every Senator, whether he or she is directly from your own state, represents you as a citizen of the United States. So why should we allow a Senator to spend his time and our money, we do pay his salary even though he is from a different state, on the sole purpose to ensure that President Obama is a one term President of the United States.

My view is that the Republican Party has forgotten that we are the United States of America and that even though they would like to be in power, they must have more important duties than simply oppose every good idea the Democratic Party has to offer, and whether they like it or not, the Health Care Legislation while flawed is a step in the right direction.

Censoring Senator Mitch McConnell should be the first item of business by honest and patriotic Republican Senators, because in a time of war for a Senator to make it his sole priority during the next two years to defeat the President of our Great Nation sounds to me like a treasonable offense. So what about it, you who are members of the Senate, are you going to allow a member to do nothing positive for the next two years but thwart the President of the United States? Where is your oath of allegiance, your duty to uphold the constitution of the United States and to care for the welfare of all of our citizens? Have you forgotten why you were elected in the first place? Why do you not do something about the Supreme Court of the United States which has extended its powers, at the expense of both the Congress and the Executive Branches of out government? So far their policies have favored the Republican Party, but in the long term it will affect both the Republicans and Democrats, and the Executive Branch regardless of who is in power. So my challenge to both the Senate and the House of Representatives is to get off you duffs and do something positive for a change. As for the Supreme Court, you also need to set aside your petty one sided view of the world and do something to restore the power you have stolen from the other two branches of government, but your brains seem to be missing when two of your members attend a meeting of the Billionaire Koch brothers to plot ways in which to give more money and power to giant corporations. What happened to the phrase “of the people, by the people, and for the people”? It appears to be construed to mean for “of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations” or “of the Republicans, by the Republicans, and for the Republicans,” and to hell with the rest of the nation.

To update the information on Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, in the recent election, he raised more money than all of the seven other members of the Senate and House combined, i.e., $20,652,563. Six of the other members raised less than $2,000,000 and one raised less than $1,000,000. My question is: “How much money did Mitch receive from lobbyist to increase his own wealth?” Until we as members of the public understand how politicians at all levels profit from public service, to the extent that they will do anything to protect themselves and other millionaires from tax increases, we will continue to have politicians whose only goal is to obstruct any legislation which benefits the working class of this nation and continue the shipping of jobs to China and other nations which do nothing to provide manufacturing and innovation in scientific and technical pursuits which have made this nation a leader in the world.

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  1. Now let’s see you give that thumbs up victory sign as the stock market plunges. You have been bought off by the rich people and you could care less for the working people of this nation. It is my prayer that you and people like you are defeated and honest people will again represent us. The bible plainly states that money is the root of all evil

    Now let’s see you give that thumbs up sign after the stock market plunged. You have sold your soul to the rich people and could care less about honest representation for the working people. It is my prayer that people like you are defeated and once again honest people will represent this nation in a honest and respectible manner. The bible plainly states money is the root of all evil and you can’t hide your dishonest ways from God.

  2. How did you come to the conclusion that I sold my soul to the rich people? I am not rich, but Mitch McConnell has had his hand out for every lobbyist around. He has become rich by not paying his fair share of taxes and by collecting bribes from lobbyists. Until we change the tax laws for the rich so that they pay their fair share of the taxes, we will continue to suffer losses in the housing market, the job market, and the global manufacturing market. We have a revenue crises not a spending crises.

  3. The stock market like religious beliefs always advances and retreats. Money is a commodity and a medium of exchange, but it does not have any other value. Mitch McConnell has no values as far as I can discern. He would sell his soul to any lobbyist for money and has done so many times.

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