Setting Up A WordPress. Org Blog

I have had many questions regarding how to set up a blog and how to choose a host, so I thought I would attempt to answer as many questions as I can in a post for all the readers who want to set up their own blog.

First of all, it is important to note that and serve different functions. can be easily set up but does not allow any advertising and self appointed persons can take down one’s site without any explanation. So I abandoned and set out to develop my own blog using I now have a luxury car rather than a tricycle.

1. For a blog one needs to subscribe to a hosting service. I chose to host with Blue Host because it has online help for the beginner, live help 24/7, and Blue Host will help you set up your first Blog. I used this extensively when I first started blogging. So, if you are serious about starting your blog, I would CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

2. frequently updates their versions of of the blogs. The major problem I had with updates was not disabling the plugins, prior to updating to a new version. This caused me much grief and much wasted time. I had to try to find my posts which were scattered all over the internet, and when I found them I had to copy and paste them back to the blog and also edit them because all the posts are written in HTML. If you google HTML you will get a page on Wikipedia which provides you with an explanation of HTML. Web browsers such as Camino, Safari and others translate HTML into Visible and Audio Pages, so that you and I do not have to take the time. I have done a little of HTML coding, but it is not my idea of fun. The reason one cannot take a Word Document and copy and paste it into a Blog post is because the browsers do not work nicely with Word Documents which are not written in HTML, and therefore are not translated properly.

3. uses what are called Plugins which are coded using HTML and perform a variety of tasks. I will list a few of these to give you an idea of what a value they are to bloggers.
a. Akismet Stats separates spam emails from good ones, but for the ones which are accepted you still have to check for pornography which is abundant. One of the worst sites was written in Russian which I missed the first time until I used a translator provided by Camino.
b. Other plugins are Site Stats which keeps track of visitors to your blog, such as the Top 10 Recent Posts, the most commented upon, and so forth.
c. The most important plugin of all is the Autoresponder plugin, which you can pay for monthly, such as AWeber, or buy the GWA Autoresponder, which is a double optin/optout responder. These are mandated by law because one has the right to optout of an email, blog, a news magazine, spam and porn.

4. Finally to make this short if you are interested in blogging I would go to and read through their website, sigh up for their forum and learn how to set up your own blog. I have gotten all kinds of offers from persons to set up a blog or website for me for as much as $5000.00. My response is why should I do such a thing when I have four of my own which are designed primarily for writing articles on topics which interest me. I should note that if one wishes to write articles it will take a long time for people to find you, and you will get all kinds of offers to buy software which will provide you with instant success. I wasted money on these schemes without success, until people started to find me and my readership started to build. My other major blog: Education Exchange: is devoted to Education related issues since I taught in the Public Schools for 19 years from 3rd grade through Senior High and taught all subjects in the elementary and mathematics in the junior high and high school. I also served as a Mathematics/Science Curriculum Supervisor for 3 years in a large public school system. I quit this job and spent 13 years in Higher Education teaching and earning a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science. I am hoping to write more on Education, because for any of you who are sending your children through college, one needs to know that not all public schools are not a waste of time, and one does not have to go to a prestigious college to get a good education.

5. One last item of extreme importance is to read your post and read again and again, to check for misspellings, incomplete sentences, and poor grammar. I am embarrassed when I find errors in my posts, but the only way to prevent mistakes is to go over them many times.
I have a little book, The Plain English Handbook, which I used when I was in the 9th grade. It is the best source of of English usage I have come across. Go to my Amazon page and look it up. It will cost you the same whether you buy it from my site or from Amazon, but if you buy it from my site, I get a small commission.