After watching Mitt Romney attempt to communicate over the years, I watched his jerky movements, his speech patterns, his argumentative manner, and his general inability to connect with the many different kinds of people who come to his political gatherings. I then remembered back to my years in high school and in teaching at all levels from elementary through high school and college. I am certain that at one time he went to school with the top button of his shirt buttoned, his pants buckled above his waste line, and if he got the chance he sat in the front row, got his work done on time and volunteered the answer to every question, often with off of the subject answers, and tended to be a little on the prissy side. There are also female versions of this type of person, but as a male, I have a little harder time describing them. Although after watching the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, she fits in the female nerd category, without the prissy traits of Mitt. She has trouble telling the truth, first claiming that her meeting at the White House, with President Obama was very gracious, until she met him on the tarmac as he got of the plane, shook her finger in his face and claimed she felt threatened by him. She was definitely not gracious nor prissy, but would be better suited for a roller derby. My son fit into the male nerd mold, and my ex-wife was a female nerd who could always come up with an off the wall comment. She, like Mitt, could not tell a joke without it falling flat. I am certain after watching Mitt, that he fits the stereotype of a male nerd.

Rick Santorum is a religious fanatic, although my father, who loved a play on words, would have described him as a “religious frantic”. He is very intelligent and can give a very good speech, but I am not certain he can tell a joke or appreciate one. His intensity regarding his religious beliefs make one wonder if he can focus on tasks unrelated to his religious beliefs. Santorum appears to have been the victim of religious brain washing to the extent that he appears to be unable to think for himself.

Newt Gingrich has a long history as a member of the House of Representatives until he was forced to resign amid scandal. One former Republican House member stated that Gingrich wanted to tell other members how to vote and how to think. This particular attitude has been a problem with Republicans for a long time. If one of their members thinks out-of-the-box, they tend to get shunned and relegated to the less prestigious committees until their thinking is reformed. The Republican pledge not to vote for a tax increase by signing the document by Grover Norquist is a prime example of the pressure exerted by the Republican Party to follow the Republican “Group Think”. Newt may have been picked upon as a child and grew up as a bully.

Ron Paul does not fit the Republican Mold. He is better suited for the Libertarian Party than the Republican Party. He wants less government interference, less regulation, more states rights, no foreign wars, unless we are attacked first, no government snooping or interference with private citizens, and so on. Some of his ideas are easy to agree with, but the world is much more complex and our national boundaries and interdependence is much more complex due to our communications, trade, and international affairs.