The Supreme Court decision declaring that corporations are persons in the Citizens United case is drawing much adverse publicity. The reason for this adverse publicity is the amount of money flowing into Super-Pacs with no requirement to disclose the source of the money which could be an international corporation or a domestic corporation. You can easily look up membership in ALEC for your own state and see which elected officials are members, and see which ones are singled out for recognition, which means that money was a motivating factor in securing such recognition.

In a previous post I explained that ALEC provides what is called “Boiler Plate” legislation which can be tweaked to suit the particular State Legislature needs or desires. Because of the actions of ALEC and the Koch brothers and other billionaires in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, there is great concern that our rights to collective bargaining, voting rights, influence by foreign nations in our laws and voting rights, and the passage of laws without our own citizens approval, that we we could easily become a nation without our own citizen participation and approval.

I recently received an email urging me to sign a petition to send to all 50 State Attorney Generals requesting that they petition the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn their Citizens United decision and remove the Corporation as a Citizen, and to prevent organizations such as ALEC from interfering with the political outcomes of elections such as the funding of Super Pacs with money from the large corporations and the purchasing of politicians whose vote is for sale to the highest bidder.

I do not know if this will do any good, but it is certainly worth the effort because we can easily lose our freedom and rights as citizens of our states and of this nation. Your willingness to act should not be constrained by any political party or other affiliations, because we are all citizens of this great nation and have an obligation to help preserve our freedoms. The right to vote and to have that vote count is the reason this nation has been a beacon to people all over the world. Part of my ancestors left Scotland for the opportunity live in a free country while the other ancestors were already here trying to preserve their own freedoms.