Life With A Papillon

When our dog Kalu died my wife was without her faithful companion, so she decided that life without a dog was not for her. She had watched a dog show where a Papillon had won “BEST OF SHOW”  and was placed in the winners bowl. The Papillon fit into the bowl and literally preened as if to say, “I am beautiful”. So my wife looked up the available breeders of Papillons. She drove about 50 miles to meet the owners of the Papillon puppies. She had her choice of two male puppies and chose the one we now have which we named Nieko. He has several other nicknames depending upon his behavior. The one comment the woman made, who sold us Nieko, as she was driving away was, “Papillon’s do shed a lot”. That comment was the understatement of the century. Each day we have to use a dust mop to get all the dog hair off the floor or use a roller to get it off our clothes. My sweaters look like I am a hairy dog so I try not to get near Nieko if I am expected to look presentable. In fact, any clothing which has a slick finish is hair magnet, so I wear black jeans which have washed enough times to be Nieko proofed.

Another Nieko characteristic, which can be totally annoying when we are watching TV, is his barking whenever an animal appears on the screen. Since my wife has spent a lot of time in bed to severe back pain, Nieko loves to spend his time watching TV on the bed with her. Before the actual picture of an animal appears on the screen he knows the lead in and will sit up ready to bark. Watching Animal Planet is a forbidden choice if he is awake and not in his kennel for the night. A psychologist wrote a book claiming that animals do not possess a memory. I do not know what he was smoking, but he did not have a clue about animals. He probably could not tell the difference between stuffed animals and real live animals.

Nieko knows the sound of a UPS or Fedex truck when it comes by our house and alerts us immediately. It doesn’t help that the drivers ring the doorbell and give him dog cookies. He also barks at people who walk down the sidewalk or kids who are playing nearby. We do have a home alarm system with Nieko as a back up in case it fails.

When Nieko was a puppy, he had a coat to wear when it was cold or rainy outside, but once he grew a full coat of hair he would run if we tried to put on his old coat.  He also loves a bath and will get in the shower when we get out the two towels we use to dry him. Kalu our dog previous to Nieko hated to take baths. Our dog Zach, who was supposedly a Minature Snauser, but weighed 29 pounds, also loved his bath, so it isapparent that to bathe or not to bathe depends upon the breed of the dog.

The most interesting characteristic about Nieko is that he howls like a wolf with his head raised and pointed at the ceiling. He did this spontaneously one day and now he will do so with prompting and has gotten so much attention that we, members of the family, can get him to howl by howling with him. My grandson took a picture of him howling with his iphone, and we were able to save it to my computer for others to see. Unfortunately, it is lost somewhere on my computer so I cannot find it to include on this post.

Finally, if you are not a dog lover, I can understand because I am not a cat lover, although I tolerate them because my stepdaughter and son-in-law are both dog and cat lovers. The cats and their dog live on the upper floor, so our combined household lives in animal harmony.

I should tell you that papillons come in black and white and brown and white with varying sizes and weights with ours being a little taller and heavier than others in the neighborhood. On October 1, 2012 Nieko jumped off the bed and ruptured a vertebrae in his back which left him paralysed. Luckily there is an animal hospital nearby where his disc was repaired, and he has been on a long recovery period. He can no longer run up or down stairs or jump on or off the bed. We keep a leash on him whenever he is on the bed attached our arm so that he cannot jump off the bed. We keep him away from large dogs because they could rupture a disc just by putting a paw on top of his spine. The surgery is the same as the surgeon performed on my wife’s spine about three years ago. When she told her surgeon recently about Nieko’s surgery, he was surprised because he did not know that veternary surgeon skills were as advanced as his own.

I published this post in January, but for some reason only  the title was printed.