Your Kindle Page

If you have not checked out a Kindle or thought about buying a Kindle, you are missing out on an experience which is unique. For example, wherever you go you can take your kindle with you and continue to read your newest book. You can even check out free e-books from your library and include them on your Kindle. There are a number of different Kindle’s available to you which are suitable for your budget. Also, for $79.00 per year you can join Amazon Prime and borrow from Amazon’s own Kindle library for free, and/or buy a book at a discount. The first month of Amazon Prime is free so when you buy your Kindle you can try it out and decide whether you want to continue. If you have checked out the price of paperback books recently you will know that the $79.00 would buy you about 7 to 10 books.
Another consideration when buying a Kindle is to buy one that allows you to enlarge the font size of the print, and also one which is backlit so that you can read in bed in low light. I personally like to read in bed, once the TV is turned off, so a backlit Kindle allows one to read in low light or with the lights off without disturbing you partner. Or, if you fly frequently and cannot sleep, you can read without disturbing the person next to you. There are a number of different Kindles with customer feedback you can read in order to decide which one to buy. There is also a comparison with the Mac iPad and also a way ordering books from Amazon for an iPad.
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